About Chriss

Chriss W. Street was sworn in as the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector on December 5, 2006. Having worked for thirty years as a Money Manager, Investment Banker and Corporate Restructuring Expert, he brings extensive private sector experience to elected office.
Mr. Street has served as Chairman and CEO of two New York Stock Exchange listed companies, as a Trustee for the United States Justice Department and as a member of the Board of Directors for several corporations. He has authored articles for financial publications such as Barron’s, Institutional Investor and Forbes, and been interviewed as a featured analyst for televised news programs on CBS, ABC and National Public Television.

Chriss’ association with the Treasurer’s office dates back to 1994, when he and John W. Moorlach sounded the alarm on risky investments made by then County Treasurer Robert Citron. After initially filing to run against the incumbent Citron, Mr. Street withdrew his candidacy and endorsed Mr. Moorlach in his bid for the office. Although Mr. Moorlach failed to unseat Citron, he and Chriss’ fears about the speculative investments were proven correct. Subsequently, the County investments suffered a catastrophic $2 billon loss and Orange County filed for bankruptcy a few months after the election. When Mr. Moorlach was appointed Treasurer by the Board of Supervisors, Chriss remained one of his closest advisors.

A native of California, Mr. Street earned his Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of California and is a graduate of the Stanford University School of Business. Chriss has been involved in numerous charitable, professional and civic organizations such as; The Homeland Security Advisory Board, Books for Freedom, the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Orange County Employee’s Pension Plan.
Chriss has been married for 29 years and is the proud father of three adult children.